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The Ultimate Experience

The ultimate experience begins in the Katomeri Resort, one of the best resorts in Meganisi! Experience the perfectly planned holiday and create memories of a lifetime.

Luxury at its best

Indulge in luxury and comfort, choosing the perfect type of accommodation that meets your personalised needs with Katomeri Resort, with the most luxury suites on the island. Enjoy high quality services in a refined setting of Meganisi. A blend of modern and chic, ample spaces and lavish facilities.

We look forward to welcoming you with a tasteful glass of wine

We hope you enjoy your stay and find our accommodation like a breath of fresh air.

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Life in Meganissi

In Meganissi you will discover many traditional taverns and shops to enjoy the life of our beautiful island.

Areas of the island that you must visit

Exploring this paradise that we call Meganisi with its capital Katomeri, gives you unique images and experiences as you discover so many unique fjords that enclose the special caves that will become a huge challenge for your vacation. Papanikolis Cave is a sea cave at the southwestern tip of the island. Do not forget to define as your destination the pristine beaches of Pasoumaki, Ambelakia, Limonari, Atherinos, Spilia, Fanari, Ai-Giannis, are some of the beaches that you will remember forever.

The Small Greek Island with the 30 Top Beaches.

Due to the peculiar shape of the island so rich in exotic beaches, measuring over 30 km of coastlines. It is certainly not a “hidden diamond”, as many like to say – as it has been targeted by big spenders in recent years and has acquired a cosmopolitan hue – but the landscape on the beach remains unspoiled and the visual feast of blue and green goes beyond the overdose limits.